Owner and Designer
Founded Kelley Design, Inc. in 1988
Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture, Oklahoma State University

I began my education maintaining the grounds at Philbrook Art Museum in Tulsa, Oklahoma. At Philbrook there were many styles of gardens from the Formal Parterre Knot Gardens to the Vast Lawns with natural tree and shrub plantings.

I also have a love of art which lead me to the landscape design field. My expertise is in providing a welcoming space to the home owner or business owner. Outdoor living is what Kelley Design is all about. I make it a point to provide plant material within my designs to capture each season's uniqueness.

There are many options to a space. I feel I have the ability to listen and communicate to a perspective client their specific wants and desires they may have for their outdoor space and living.

Kelley Design was founded out of a love for landscaping and its contribution to an improved quality of life for its clients and the people in Tulsa. We take great pride in our landscape design and installation abilities. We take the same pride in our lawn and garden management services, understanding the importance of quality maintenance to the integrity of landscape designs.

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Vice President of Kelley Design
Certified in lighting design and installation

Eric Moritz has worked for the Family Business, Kelley Design Inc. since he was in High School, over 12 years. He continued to work for Kelley Design as he pursued his college education at Oklahoma State University. After graduation from OSU with a Bachelor of Science degree, Eric accepted a job in Dallas as the Assistant Clubhouse Manager at Dallas Athletic Club. He gained invaluable experience in the service industry and exposure to golf course maintenance. In 2011, Eric returned to the family business primarily due to his love of the Tulsa community and his passion for landscaping. Since his return he has been exposed to all aspects of the business, landscape and garden maintenance, landscape design and installation, field management and office management.

Eric has contributed innovative ideas and new ways to view the business along with a renewed energy to field operations. His responsibilities include all aspects of field operations management. Eric enjoys the outdoors and has a keen sense for design and strong knowledge of plant materials, sprinkler repair and drainage problems. He understands the importance of customer service and instills that culture in his staff.


Director of Outdoor Operations

Michael Moritz has also worked in the family business since he was in high school.  He continued to work during the summer while pursuing his college degree at the University of Central Arkansas. Michael's expertise lies in the lawn and garden management field, irrigation, as well as client services and communications with not only the client but his staff. He has a keen eye for the details in a landscape, necessary to help your property look it's best.  Below is Michael's profile which explains the hard work and success he will bring to Kelley Design. Profile Experienced sales and marketing professional… Knack for building and maintaining relationships with clients… Successfully built and exponentially grew two businesses in the last two years… Excellent project manager… Met or exceeded every sales goal in each position.


• KD
• Started MP Landscape and Outdoor Management in 2012 in Dallas, TX. Help build a business that now nets over $1 million in revenue annually.
• Launched Left Foot Studio Soccer Club, LLC on Dec 1, 2012, with 50 players and five teams and in the ensuing year grew the business to 150 players and 14 teams.

• Began professional career with one of the biggest brands in the world Nike. The unquestionable leader in lifestyle and athletic wear. Nike demands its employees exemplify the brand. As tour manager of Nike Elite Training, learned how to cultivate and polish a strong brand.

• Business of Administration – Accounting, 2010
• Attended all four years of school on a full athletic scholarship

The satisfaction of our job comes from meeting the client, walking their yard with them and knowing that we can help improve their environment so they can better enjoy their outdoor living experience.
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